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Welcome to the Kitchenpoastcards.

Meal time, the best time of the day!

Meal time, the best time of the day!

Postcards were such lovely little snippets, a view of a far away town, city or country. A little something to send back home. While we dont send physical postcards to each other, we thought why not name our blog after this fading and almost lost form of communication. We are two friends living thousands of miles apart, but we share a common love for food, books, films and photography.

One lazy afternoon while exchanging our recent experiences with cooking and experimentation with traditional recipes, the idea struck us. Why not communicate using a blog?

As amateurs the vast array of recipes shared by bloggers online is a great tool, something we use regularly. This is our way of sharing our experiences and adding to the pool of already existing knowledge.

We hope that this blog will be an inspiration for us to cook more, to learn more and to share. Hope you will enjoy reading our entries and derive some useful information.

Here’s to great meals!