You made it to my kitchen!

Like Kanika mentioned, it took us a year to get this far. And maybe another few months since then for my first post. Procrastination, well… that word finds it’s meaning in my existence. So while my dear friend has been holding fort for so long (and isn’t she doing a marvelous job! I will be sharing my own take on some of her recipes soon), here I am with a bunch of quick and tasty treats.

My way of cooking is mostly bohemian, a little bit of this and a little bit of that… one thing being constant in all my recipes, loads and loads of passion. I cook for the love of food. Because I love to eat, serve and yes, share recipes that may have been passed down generations, were serendipitous but sweet accidents or painfully mastered dishes. Food definitely makes my world goes round!

JuliaChildI first cracked open an egg at the age of eleven. Until then, I was served omelets the only way mom cooked eggs at home (she is a pure vegetarian). Over the years, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time cracking open eggs, and creating different ways of relishing perhaps the most versatile of ingredient ever. Chickens, take a bow!

Well, years later and single in the city, eggs are still a favorite in my kitchen while I’ve also come to improvise, create and experiment with all kinds of cuisines and recipes. Here’s hoping, we can together explore the joy of cooking and sharing great meals!

Welcome to my kitchen. And in here, life is a feast of flavors and aromas.

Bon appétit!