Sinful mango

Keeping up the party spirit, here is a quick, and I mean super quick drink that will cool you down and delight the taste buds.Summers are synonymous with Mangoes in India and with over a thousand varieties, that’s right, available in the country, we Indians are spoilt for choice.

Of the thousands though there are 30 that are most commonly cultivated as a commercial cash crop. Come spring and the mandis (farmer’s markets) get flooded with green, small-sized unripe fruit that is a perfect addition to savoury chutneys and used for pickling. Go to any house in India around this time and you are sure to find projects around the king of fruits. I have missed out on the deliciousness of some of my favourite varieties for two years! 😦

Mango Slushie

Sinful Mango Drink

Summer Mangoes

Summer and mangoes!

In the American market mangoes come mostly from Mexico and while these might satisfy Americans, their flavours are just a faint shadow of their Indian counterparts. But beggars can’t be choosers! Canned Alphonso pulp from India is easily available at Indian supermarkets but like all preserved food there is usually a chalky and sometimes bitter after taste. To add to this I’ve learnt that no mango bought at a supermarket in America can be eaten right away. It has to be left out at room temperature preferably with a few bananas sitting close by and allowed to mature. Only when the skin is a deep mustard-yellow and the flesh soft at the ends is the fruit ready to be used.

Why bananas for ripening fruit? Find out here.

And now for the Sinful Mango drink, you’ll need:



Sugar, 2-4 teaspoons, according to taste.

Mangoes, 2.

This serves two people.


Wash and peel the mangoes, then slice them in cubes such that you are able to scrape all the pulp off the seed.

Crush ice in the blender. While doing that add in the sugar. Now add mangoes and puree. Voila! Serve and enjoy 🙂

The easiest summer drink that can also be served as a dessert or as a topping for ice cream.


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