Gosht Do Piaza Laal Mirch

Some things are best done in company. When home, one such activity is the preparation of ‘Do Piaza Laal Mirch‘. This delicious mutton dish has been prepared by my father for many years. Needless to say, my love for food and my fondness for experimenting with traditional recipes is derived from my parents passion for all things delicious.

Do piaza laal mirch was introduced to us by Papa, who read the recipe in a book and diligently wrote it down in my mother’s recipe book. The green diary, worn, discoloured but intact is a treasure trove of memories. Flipping through its pages one can trace the story of a woman’s nurturing thoughts and a family’s likes and dislikes. In this new year, I share with you this delicious family favourite, originally written and published by Digvijay Singh of Sailana.

Mutton Recipe

Anchor with a main that shines

A little note of caution; as the name suggests, the mutton will turn out to be fiery and some teary eyes and runny noses will be seen.

Serving Size: for 4 persons.

Ingredients for Do Piaza Laal Mirch:

½ kg mutton pieces from  leg and shoulder

150 gms ghee (clarified butter)

4 black cardamoms whole (big)

25 gms garlic finely chopped

60 gms onions thinly and evenly sliced

115 gms curd

15 gms salt, salt to taste

60 gms red chillies whole

1 ½  gms turmeric

1 ½ gms cumins seeds whole

6 gms coriander seeds powdered

225 gms onions cut into 1” pieces



Cooking Method for Ghosht Do Piaza Laal Mirch:

To begin with wash the mutton. In the Indian subcontinent gosht refers to red meat, most commonly, goat and lamb. These are the most commonly used meats in this part of the world. If you choose, you can use another meat that you prefer.

In running water gently massage and wash the meat and leave it in a colander or a large strainer to drain. Now for the red chillies, slice them and remove all the seeds. My father was extremely cautious and used gloves! Incase you don’t have a pair handy, make sure you wash your hands and fingertips thoroughly after cleaning the chillies. Wash the chillies in running water and keep aside to drain.


Cleaning Chillies

My father at the helm of preparations.

Now take a large wok, put it on high flame and add ghee to it. Once the ghee is warm, add the cardamoms and cumin seeds. Within a minute or so add to this the chopped garlic. Once the garlic starts browning throw in the sliced onions. Fry them until golden brown.

Tadka in the making.

Start with the basic Tadka


Finally, add meat. Mix it well with the ghee and onions, such that all of the pieces have been covered with the mixture.

In a bowl beat together curd and all the remaining ingredients i.e. the coriander powder, salt and turmeric. Pour this mix over the meat and mix it well. Add only as much water that it dries up when meat is tender.

Yogurt and spice for Mutton

Clockwise from Top Left: Ingredients for the yogurt mix; stirred and combined; added to the mutton; coated and ready to simmer.


Add the larger onion pieces and cover the wok and cook on medium heat. Keep checking every fifteen minutes.

Mutton in Yogurt Sauce

Add chunky pieces of onions before covering the mutton.


When a little water remains, reduce the heat and simmer till the water dries up and only ghee remains. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve with fresh warm rotis, naan or tandori roti will do well.

Ghosht and Roti

Ghosht and Roti

The work and collective effort put into creating this dish has ritualistic qualities and for me will always remind me of the times we have spent cooking and devouring it as a family.

Hope you will enjoy it too!

Keep cooking and making new memories.


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