How to: slice a mango

While we are both travelling and catching up on pending work, it’s time to take a small break from writing recipes and instead share with you tips that can simplify food preparation.

Mangoes are in season in India and much of the tropical world. Alas, we do not get the vast variety of Indian mangoes in the US. And the ones that we do get our hands on, sourced from Mexico and Guatemala, do not even come close. But, a mango from anywhere in the world is precious. You, at least I, do not like to waste the flesh, not at all. So, find below a pictorial on how to slice a mango and dice it to, all in three easy steps.

The one step you do not see here is to peel the mango first, I do this with a regular peeler.

Next, make cuts, touching the seed along the length of the fruit.

Cut these at a perpendicular. Make square like boxes as you go along, again putting the knife through until you hit the seed.

Finally, slice at the base. A clean smooth action is all that it requires. Scrape close to the seed. No wasting allowed!

*Tip: Use a broader knife to allow for better contact.

Turn and repeat until the entire flesh is off the  pith, don’t scrape off the pith, it tends to be a little bitter.

Use this for fresh garden salads, to top off baked fish, to make fruit cream, or even to blend and make a slushy.

Three step slice and dice- a mango tutorial.

Three step slice and dice- a mango tutorial.