Greens & Hummus Sandwich

My love breakfast is here to stay, Period.

Despite being to more than 25 cities, towns and villages over 3 months and then back to my home ground for now, this is something that hasn’t changed in me. In fact, the love has only grown. The feeling of waking up to a breakfast made with love is what keeps my day going. A day without a good breakfast and everything comes crashing down in a couple of hours.

During my summer break, I would cook up elaborate meals soon after I woke up. Sometimes for myself and at other times for loved ones who would share my love for this meal of the day. While in Bombay (sure still is Bombay for me), I went overboard in buying exotic vegetables that I missed both, buying and cooking, back home.

This is the outcome of that one morning when I experimented with hummus as a sandwich spread along with some of my favourite greens and reds and yellows 🙂

The result was interesting. Anything with hummus has to be, doesn’t it?

So this is a simple dish to make in case you have leftover hummus or even if you want to make fresh hummus. Kanika has shared her hummus recipe here. I shall follow up with mine soon enough.

So for this recipe, all you have to do is get some nice bread, I got some multigrain sandwich bread and lots of green veggies to fill in and you’re all set.

Vegan Hummus Sandwich

Here’s how I made Greens & Hummus Sandwich


Sandwich bread of your choice
Bell peppers (green/ red/ yellow)
Iceberg lettuce
Salt to taste
Chilli flakes


Spread the hummus on the bread slices. Add a layer of Iceberg lettuce and then sprinkle the cut bell peppers and onions along with a little salt and chilli flakes. You can alternatively also sauté the onions and peppers to make them a little soft, although I like them nice and crunchy.

Garnish with Parsley and serve with a nice cool drink like this watermelon water. I cut watermelon pieces and left them refrigerated overnight in a jar of water to get this sweet tasting water with the goodness of watermelons.

Here’s what my breakfast looked like.

A splash of red with the sunshine pouring in and warm sandwiches oozing with the goodness of hummus. And what does your breakfast look like? 😉

A simple Hummus sandwich loaded with crunchy Greens and veggies!

How to make Hummus Sandwich

Oh yum!

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