Puliyogare Masala Idli

Sakshi’s dosa adventure got me hungry. To be entirely honest a jar of store bought dosa batter had been sitting in my fridge. And as they say, there’s no time better than the present.

Since there was no sambar or chutney (but you can find some here and here), the idlis had to be stand alone snacks. So began my quest to make them spicy and interesting with the addition of Puliyogare mix.

Puliyogare is a blend of spices and peanuts used for making Puliyogare Rice. It works just as well as a flavour additive for idlis- now I have experience!

Falvourful Snack with Puliyogare Idlis

Time: 30-45 mins

Prep: 15 mins; active cooking: 15 mins

Servings– 4 of 4 idlis each


2 cups of dosa batter,

1/2 cup finely chopped vegetables (frozen or fresh),

2 tbsp or more Puliyogare mix,

2 tbsp cooking oil,

Water as needed.

***You will need an idli maker- stove top or microwaveable.

(Or try your luck with a double boiler, but that won’t make idlis- maybe buns.)

  1. De-freeze frozen mixed vegetables. I usually use them straight out of the freezer. You could keep them in lukewarm water for a few minutes to loosen up some of the clumps.
  2. Pour dosa batter in a mixing bowl and give it a gentle stir. If it’s too thick- think cheesecake consistency- then it needs water. Add 1/4 cup at a time and stop when it gets to cake batter consistency.
  3. Measure Puliyogare mix- this is easily available at most Indian grocery stores. The recommendation is to keep it away from moisture as much as possible. Since it’s a blend of spices- it tends to form balls if moisture seeps in.
  4. Add about 2 tablespoons of the mix to batter. If you like your food spicy (HOT!) , you can easily go up to 4 tablespoons.
  5. Take the idli maker and rub a drop of oil on each mould. Even though the batter doesn’t quite stick to the microwaveable moulds- adding a light coat of oil prevents too much batter from dripping underneath.  I could fill 12 idli moulds with my batter.
  6. Fill some water in the base and microwave for 2 minutes. Then stack the moulds, put on the lid and microwave for 12 minutes. Check at 10 minutes to see how the idlis are coming along. The top most batch tends to dry out very quickly. ***PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN YOU OPEN THE LID*** The steam can burn your skin.
  7. Remove and wait for just a few minutes before digging in. I had mine with a dollop of plain yogurt and ketchup.


Puliyogare Idli

Cooked Idlis in a microwave-able Idli-maker



Ready to snack!


Idli plate

Make a meal out of it!


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