Black Eyed Peas Minestrone 

When it comes to legumes there are some that have a bad rep just because- well you never quite need a reason. Black eyed peas, or black-eyed beans also called Lobiya in Hindi, are one such food.

Typically in north Indian homes lobiya is cooked in a gravy of tomato and onions.

In our home in transition with a barely stocked pantry I decided to make the best of what I had. Black eyed peas peeped through half filled packs of our staple legumes. Combining them with leftover pasta sauce, some celery sticks and potatoes I ended up making minestrone soup.

This recipe will be perfect for those with little time on hand and basic cooking skills. College students, busy professionals and home makers can all put this stew on and take a short break.

Here what you need:

1 tbsp olive oil,

1/2 cup black-eyed peas (canned or home cooked),

3-4 celery sticks,

2 small potatoes,

4-5 garlic cloves,

1/2 an onion (optional),

1/3 cup pasta sauce,

1/4 cup whole wheat egg noodles,

1 can chicken stock,

1/2 cup mixed vegetables (chopped; frozen or fresh),

Parsley for garnish.


Wash and chop all the vegetables. Measure frozen mixed vegetables. You could also chop assorted vegetables or add canned corn and green peas.

Heat oil in a skillet. Add garlic, celery and potatoes. Saute for a few minutes.

Then add mixed vegetables, pasta sauce, chicken stock, noodles and the black-eyed beans.

** for the beans- you can either used canned or cook them at home.

To cook them at home- wash dry beans in water and then steam in a pressure cooker for 30-45 minutes with a pinch of salt. On high until the first whistle and then on medium heat.

If using canned beans, rinse them in cold water too to wash off any extra salt.

Cook the stew covered for about 25-30 minutes until the noodles are done. And that’s it! Ready to soup up into a big bowl 🍜 Taste the soup to check for salt. I didn’t add extra salt or pepper because of the pasta sauce. You can add any seasoning that you enjoy-  dried herbs, pepper, chili-flakes- whatever you enjoy.

Simple meals are the best! Enjoy and share this delicious and comforting meal.