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Welcome to Kitchenpostcards!

Join us for a conversation about all things food that spans the continents, literally!

Here you will find easy to cook recipes with tips for the college-goer, young professional and Some for seasoned home cook as well. If you have some secrets to share, don’t hesitate, we are all ears!

KP is a food and lifestyle blog that was begun as a medium to start a conversation over food as well as to catalogue the founders’ -Akkta and Kanika’s – food journeys and adventures. Then came along others who have joined the dialogue and generously shared their recipes on the blog.

Since 2016 Sakshi has taken on the role of editor along with Kanika, while Akkta takes the role of editor-at-large.

In its current avatar Kitchenpostcards is a platform for collaborative food writing chronicling the life of urban cooks, whatever their vocation.

The new urban landscape whether in India, America or UAE- places where KP editors belong to and currently live- puts us in the crossways of industrialized food production along with ever increasing awareness of health issues, indigenous food habits and the constant need to be at the forefront of experimentation and discovering new cuisines. A tall order by any standards!

While we do ponder over these things within our team, we are, mostly, about easy to put together home cooked meals.

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